Welcome to my Portfolio!

My name is Aaron. I have a pretty diverse background which originated from me trying to be a rock star but being too poor to afford it (I'll explain). Music isn't just music. It's social media, networking, music videos, web design, etc. Without money, I couldn't pay for fancy things like graphic designers, production studios, burritos... you know, the essentials to being an aspiring artist.


Instead of giving up, I decided to learn how to do all those things myself. Being a rock star may not have panned out, but I began to experience success in video production through creating music videos for my band. As fate may have it, that led to me creating my freelancing entity, Four String Media.

I like to work with individuals or small companies that need a little help raising their production value. I do that by:

- accessing client's wants, needs, and desires

- developing a strategy for what type of media is needed

- customizing experiences specific to clients' brand/persona

- executing media creation

- returning final product within agreed timeline

Want Proof?

I get it, "Quit talking and get to the good stuff". Well just click on the button and you can watch the variety of projects I've had the pleasure of working on. After you've consumed enough - you greedy bugger - go ahead and send me an email on how I can help you out!


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